Love & Trust

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, however, our blog post title says it all.  Sugarpuss London has been online now for almost 9 years.  A lot has changed in that time, especially the way search engines handle keywords and site rankings.  At one stage, we were ranking in the top two results for ‘Opal Jewellery‘ and were first page for most of our other focal keywords, such as ‘Topaz Jewellery‘.  Not so anymore.  Indeed, bigger corporations, as always, will win out on search engine metrics and there’s no way we could compete with giants, such as Amazon, Ernest Jones etc.

We’ve been reflecting on this, however, and have decided that it’s all a matter of building love and trust.  We’re pleased to have a solid customer base for repeat orders.  In fact, one of our best repeat customers is actually a person who had no need to trust us when he first contacted us about purchasing something for his wife, as he actually phoned up (several years ago now), when I was busy lost in the woods with my then 5 year old daughter.  I confessed to being low on phone power, utterly lost and promised that if he were to email, I would get back to him straight away, provided I ever found my way out of the woods.

Rather than deciding that I was hopelessly unprofessional, he did actually email and, happily, Sugarpuss London have, year after year, created and supplied a lot of jewellery for his wife since.  A small anecdote but one that still makes me smile; perhaps, because I still vividly remember the rising panic, having trudged around for two hours unable to find the path back, with a child who was growing ever more weary but still squeezing my hand tightly (with her slightly sweaty one), telling me that it would ‘be okay’ and it was ‘just an adventure’!

So, looking forward, how are we going to foster more love and trust?  Well, we’ll be working with established fashion bloggers closely, sending items out for them to review – both so our customers can know what to expect and so we can get more product feedback in return.  Because so many of our designs are one of a kind, it is hard for us to build a product review section into the site.  This is why we’ve also uploaded a lot more products to Etsy also.  Indeed, although we’ve been on Etsy since 2010, we’ve really only had a maximum of around 10-15 products on there to purchase at any one time.  We were mainly using the site as a way for people to find our main site (a kind of mini product showcase, as it were).  We’ve added around 50 more products now, so people can shop from Etsy, if they like, and have the ‘safety feature’ of being able to leave a review.  We’re also planning on reducing our shipping fees and to kickstart this, we are currently offering free shipping on all UK and European orders – simply enter the voucher code ‘FREEPOST’ at checkout*.

Finally, if you are the owner of an established fashion or lifestyle blog and you would like to contact us about the possibility of doing a product review, guest blog or future collaboration, please get in touch by emailing  We would love to hear from you.

*Offer applies to and not the Etsy store.


I Spy With My Little Eye…

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new green gemstone obsession!

Something beginning with ‘G’….

We’re not sure why, but green is a big hit with us at the moment – it may be because Emerald is the traditional birthstone for May, or it may be a bit of a capricious whim but it is gemstones in shades of green that we seem to be currently lusting after and mainly designing with.  But it’s not just us lusting after green this year, so are the stars:

Taylor Swift in Green

From the ‘bottle glass green’ provided by chrome diopside to the somewhat translucent and ethereal green provided by gemstones such as prehnite, there is a shade to suit everyone…. So let us try to make you green with envy (like what we did there?)…

Below are just a couple of the latest additions:

Chrysoprase Earrings

Hand Wrapped Chrysoprase Earrings in Sterling Silver, £60 


Moonstone & Emerald Earrings


Luxury White Moonstone & Emerald Earrings, £170


Chunky Prehnite Bracelet

Chunky Gem Prehnite Bracelet, £85

It that isn’t enough to peak your interest then our discount code ‘URFAB‘ is still running to give you 10% off your first purchase.  Plenty more green gems on the way!

New Treasures Listing

We will be listing lots of new gemstone and opal jewellery over the next few days.  From luxurious, smooth polished serpentine earrings in one of the season’s hottest new colours:

Serpentine Earrings

Through to romantic and whimsical sterling silver necklaces that would be perfect for bridal jewellery:

White Topaz Flower Necklace

We also have some new children’s gemstone earrings heading into store, including pink opal and rare Crow Springs turquoise!  Because little princesses deserve precious items too.

We’ve had some great feedback regarding the new website and would still love to hear your views – email us at with your thoughts!

Let Us Show You Around…

Sugarpuss London Jewellery

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website. We’ve redecorated and simultaneously simplified the site to provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience.  We want shopping with us to be a pleasure, whether browsing by mobile, tablet or laptop/computer.  Indeed, instead of offering a clunky, separate, mobile only version of the website, we’re opted for an intuitive design with larger product pictures and a clear, best practice, navigation.

Online Jewellery UK

We think the result is beautiful and believe that it show cases our luxury handmade jewellery to its full advantage.  Browse at leisure and enjoy the fact that customers can now also create and save a wish list of favourite items (perfect for not so subtle Christmas and birthday present hints)!

A new Instagram feed, allowing us to post pictures of our newest jewellery items, projects that are under way and new gem arrivals, has been added to help give the customer a sense of the intimate boutique nature of our business – no mass produced jewellery here!  Finally, a new simplified cart/checkout system should also please even the most impatient of sofa shoppers 😉

Instagram Jewellery

If all this wasn’t enough: we’re also offering 10% off your first purchase with the voucher code ‘URFAB’ – simply enter at checkout!

We’d love to know what you think of the new site, simply drop us an email to X

New Silver Rings

Details of new rings, jewellery sale items and the forthcoming website upgrade!



More hand candy on the way – from plain polished bands through to creatively textured/finished bands, each silver ring will be available as a handmade to order product, whatever your ring size.  We love the ‘urban silk’finish on three of the rings pictured above & love the way the matt finish really lends an antique look to a piece (hard to tell from the above photo but the matt finish has been given to the ring on the left).  Handmade rings make the perfect gift, to yourself or to a loved one, and we are always on hand to ensure the finished item meets your expectations.

We’re also pleased to announce that within the next couple of months we’ll be unveiling our new fully responsive e-commerce website!  It’s still very much in the design phase but we have seen the initial concept and can’t wait for it to go live.  The current website will remain active in the interim!

We also have a fabulous Summer Sale on at the moment, so don’t forget to check out the sale bargains, all at an amazing 40% off!

Competition Time: Win A Keishi Pearl Pendant

For a chance to win a gorgeous keishi nugget pearl pendant, like the one pictured below (colour may vary), all you need to do is post your favourite item on Pinterest or recommend a Sugarpuss London product on Google+.  Yup, it’s as simple as that!  Once you’ve posted your favourite item, or Google plussed us, then drop as an email to let us know & you will automatically be entered into the competition.

Pearl Necklace


New Handmade To Order Rings

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new handmade to order silver rings in sterling silver and 100% recycled silver.


Our new selection of handmade to order rings has started appearing online.  Indeed, we have a number of new styles, including wide anticlastic bands in 100% recycled silver and hand twisted silver rings with a lightly hammered finish.  We particularly like our new ‘ring on ring’ designs, which will also be made available in a number of other finishes/widths and textures, as well as other precious metals.

We’ve had great fun making these rings and are pleased to report that we have new gemstone rings on the way too, including our ever popular Oregon blue opal rings.