So… What Next?

This is the official blog for Sugarpuss London – the creative initiative of a UK based jewellery designer that finally decided ‘why not?’.  The website launched on 07/11/08 (that’s 11/07/08 for those in the US), after months of excited finger tapping, and things are looking good.   It may not have been the wisest of times to launch a luxury jewellery company, considering the current economic down turn, but Sugarpuss London is not afraid of a challenge. 

Never heard of us?  You will do.  2009 brings big plans, including a new range of wedding jewellery – ‘Glamourpuss’; a creative recycling initiative, called ‘Scrapheap Challenge’, where pieces will be created & available for purchase for a highly limited time, then, if not bought, scrapped & their components used in new pieces that will go back up into the same collection & so on.  Foolish?  Maybe, but we love designing pieces & want to keep things fresh & fun.  Alongside these collections, Sugarpuss London will also be expanding its children’s collection – dubbed ‘Quality Kitten’ – and adding to its gorgeous variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  We plan to add accessories like bag and purse charms, mobile phone straps and beaded book marks towards next summer (please.. hurry).

This blog will be updated regularly to let you know of new item arrivals, rare gemstones we’ve managed to track down, other fabulous jewellery artists we wish to promote, and other things of that ilk. 

We hope you like Sugarpuss London & look forward to hearing from you.  If you want to contact us – simply leave us a message on the blog or email us at



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