On the prowl….

Sugarpuss London is on the prowl for new gemstones to use in its 2009 collections.  We’ve currently tracked down a rare form of labradorite, known as spectrolite, in a tiny round 2mm cut, and we plan to use these gorgeous flashy blue beads in a new range of cocktail rings (twinned with either pearls or our new order of Mexican turquoise from the Nakasari mine).  In addition to these great new finds, then, we’re also waiting on some hand shaped and hammered frosted pink amethyst nuggets, some giant white coin pearls (and we mean giant – being up to 19mm in size), and some Honduran Andesite opal cut stones that we plan to use in a late 2009 range of custom gem set silver rings.  Talking of new inventory, we’re also waiting on another huge order of Thai Karen hill tribe silver – gorgeous rose and leaf head pins, bangles, toggle clasps, ornate beads and fine silver wire.  

Fashion forecast?  Many of the trends for 2008 will be continuing in 2009 – people are demanding more unusual pieces, bespoke designs, chunkier stones and layered looks.  Neat twin sets are being set aside for statement pieces, so we plan on introducing a range of multi-wrap and layered necklaces as a result.  Pearls are making a BIG return and Sugarpuss London’s commitment to high quality and unusual pearls provide a neat twist to classical pearl jewellery.  2008 saw steep rises in the costs of precious metals, so whilst gold is still popular, silver is making a bit of comeback.  The price of precious metals has been starting to climb back down recently and we’re hoping this continues, as then we can pass the discounts on.  Turquoise, coral & jasper are going to be big in 2009, as the trend for natural jewellery continues; Sugarpuss London has a good range of turquoise jewellery and will be obtaining some unusual forms of jasper soon, we refuse to use coral in our designs, however, due to the environmental impact and the fact we believe it is usually quite hard to track whether the coral you are buying is really from a sustainable source or not.

We look forward to updating you with other new arrivals soon.


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