Purrfect Additions…

Okay, so the pun in the title might be naff but our new order of gems isn’t.  Sugarpuss London have added to their inventory of rare gemstones and we now have a gorgeous stash of genuine white buffalo (Dry Creak) turquoise, cats eye sillimanite faceted rondelles, and some beautiful pyrite and rhodochrosite mixed nuggets.  On the still completely yummy but not so rare side of things, we’ve also tracked down some premium faceted pyrite nuggets and mystic/aurora borealis crystal quartz (quartz treated with vacuum deposition, in the same way that mystic topaz is).   All of these beads will be used in Sugarpuss London’s Spring 2009 collections of long wrap multi-wear necklaces and bracelets and gemstone clustered earrings. 

If that wasn’t enough, to help you get ready for Christmas, Sugarpuss London are offering 10% off all purchases via their website with the voucher code ‘YesPlease1’ – this offer will expire on the 18th December, so shop now.


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