2009 Collection Starting To Appear…

New arrivals and our january sale !


Sugarpuss London are proud to announce that their 2009 collection is now starting to appear, below are just a few of our new arrivals:

AAA Baroque & Coin Pearl Sugilite Bracelet
AAA Baroque & Coin Pearl Sugilite Bracelet

This bracelet is one of our favourites – large rare AAA+ baroque pink pearls are twinned with large AA+ – AAA white coin pearls and separated out with incredible rare natural sugilite. The bracelet is finished with sterling silver beads and a circular hook clasp.  A weighty Karen hill tribe silver star charm has also been added.

The coin pearls in this bracelet have incredible lustre and rainbow overtones with thick nacre and no chalky patches or pits.  The majority of coin pearls on the market sold as AAA don’t even scratch the A+ mark, so please be aware of this when price comparing. The pink baroque pearls used in this bracelet are just as gorgeous, with thick nacre and golden overtones.

As for the sugilite, the rondelles used in this piece are 3mm in size and are hand cut and hand faceted. Sugilite commands a high price because the one and only gem quality source is remote (in the Kalahari Desert near Botswana) and must be mined 3200 feet underground. Sugilite is sometimes known as lavulite, royal azel, and wesselite. The stone is said to have calming properties and to help those suffering from headaches.

GBP: £135

Another of our new arrivals is this gorgeous pearl cluster ring, made from peacock black and copper pearls and Hill Tribe silver:

Silver & Pearl Cluster Ring
Silver & Pearl Cluster Ring


This pearl cluster ring, then, is available via the Sugarpuss London website in Ring Size O.  The ring base is an ethically sourced Karen hill tribe silver hammered beading ring that we have then hand pinned the copper and peacock pearls on to using sterling silver headpins.  The pearls used in this ring are of AAA quality – all with smooth nacre and very high lustre, shape is off-round.

GBP: £45

This ring is just one of many new types of cluster ring available in our 2009 collection – we also have a handmade and hand beaded sterling silver Tibetan turquoise and black spinel ring, and Karen hill tribe silver Nacasari turquoise and rare spectrolite (blue labradorite) beaded ring

For a full view of our entire ring collection, which is due to expand again very soon, please see our Rings Department.  Sugarpuss London are very proud to have started featuring completely handmade and hand finished sterling silver rings on our site and plan to introduce gem set rings and bangles by the summer.

Finally, we would like to promote our January Sale, which is set to run right up until Valentine’s day. 

If you have any suggestions for our website, please do not hesitate to email feedback@sugarpusslondon.com and happy new year!


2 thoughts on “2009 Collection Starting To Appear…”

  1. the AAA Baroque & Coin Pearl Sugilite Bracelet is just simply lovely! pearl is my birthstone, being born in the month of June, and i just love wearing pearls! they are simple yet elegant, plain but lovely!

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