New Products & More On The Way..

News on latest products & what’s on the way..


We’ve been busy designing and have lots of gorgeous new items now online, including this peacock pearl necklace below:

Peacock Pearl Necklace
Peacock Pearl Necklace

Available in a wide variety of lengths this peacock pearl necklace is fully customisable and prices start from just £100 for a 16″ pearl choker – an absolute bargain considering how high quality the pearls are (AAA). The luster in the pearls is just beautiful and the overtones evident in all lights. This necklace is suitable for all occasions – it’s smart enough for work, adds a touch of elegance to evening wear, and, rather suprisingly, perhaps, works really well against brightly coloured outfits, especially hot pink.

Another of our new offerings is this rare rosebud druzy pearl bracelet:

Rare Rosebud Druzy Pearl Bracelet
Rare Rosebud Druzy Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet is handmade from rare rosebud druzy pearls in 100% natural colours and in a high AA+ grade. Each pearl measures between 9-10mm and has exceptional luster and good surface quality. The bracelet is finished with an ethically sourced Karen hill tribe toggle clasp and sterling silver finishing beads. A steal at just £45.

If that wasn’t enough, we have an incredibly long (48″) matching rosebud druzy pearl necklace to go with it:

Rare Rosebud Druzy Pearl Necklace
Rare Rosebud Druzy Pearl Necklace

Each pearl is hand wrapped in sterling silver. The necklace has no clasp, just lots and lots of pearls. This pearl necklace is £195.

There are lots more new items at Sugarpuss London , including a long keishi nugget pearl necklace and natural Andamooka matrix opal pendant. Products to look out for soon include a lavender pearl bracelet, 18k gold rare solar quartz slice earrings, and a matching keishi nugget pearl bracelet for the nugget pearl necklace.

We’re sorry to report that the raw frosted rose quartz and dark amethyst we had on order have failed to arrive and appear to be lost somwhere across the atlantic. To help us get over our disappointment we’ve placed an order for some AAA pink sapphire briolettes, solar quartz coin briolettes, large Nacasari turquoise nuggets, some unusual 18k and 22k gold findings and even more yummy pearls from our new pearl supplier. We can’t wait for our new pearls to arrive and plan to use them in a new premium range of children’s jewellery.

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