Silver Rose Ring And Sneak Peeks

Our new  Silver Rose Ring is now in store. Okay, we’re biased but we really do think this ring is beautiful and, because it’s handmade to order, you can order it to your exact ring size and you can be guaranteed that no two rings will ever be identical, because the roses set on to the handmade band all differ slightly in petal size and shape.

Silver Rose Ring
Silver Rose Ring

This ring is just the start of our new ring collection  – we plan on adding silver rose rings with pearls and also with gemstones set into the band, however, these will be available only in one or two sizes in store, rather than be ‘handmade to order’ – and they’ll be limited edition designs also.

What else is on the way?  Well, at the end of this week we’ll have two gorgeous coin pearl bracelets (one with AA+ pink coin pearls & gold vermeil heart charm and the  one pictured below with  AAA+ large multi-coloured coin pearls (in 100% natural rare colour tones) and sterling silver.

Luxury Rare Coin Pearl Bracelet
Luxury Rare Coin Pearl Bracelet

We also have three necklaces coming, including a  rare solar quartz, druzy diamond, rock crystal and white seed pearl necklace, childen’s pink coin pearl necklace and double strand adjustable druzy diamond, songea sapphire, seed pearl and phosphosiderite choker (we’re particularly fond of this last one).


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