Facebook Fans

Become a fan on Facebook, email us to let us know, and then receive a whopping 20% off your next purchase. Offer exclusive to blog readers 🙂


We’ve not done much to promote the fact we’re on Facebook, so we thought it was high time we changed things – become a fan on Facebook either here or here, then email us at info@sugarpusslondon.com to let us know (put ‘Fan’ in the subject header) & we’ll give you a 20% discount voucher to use on any purchase (including items on sale)*. 

Offer valid until 29/09/09.

*Offer does not include bespoke enquiries/purchases – but does include ‘handmade to order’ baby bracelets & necklaces.

Plus, remember that if you sign up for our newsletter via our homepage (http://www.sugarpusslondon.com) – then you’ll be put into a draw to win a sterling silver hammered ring custom made to your ring size  (if you’re already signed up, then you already have a chance to win).


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