New Children’s Jewellery

A quick peak at some of the latest additions to our children’s jewellery range, including our new luxury children’s jewellery.


In case you haven’t seen, we now have some fabulous new items in our children’s jewellery department, from a luxury opal mum and baby bracelet set:

Mintabie opal bracelets
Mintabie opal bracelets
Through to a very nicely priced turquoise, pearl & Swarovski bracelet at £32.
Turquoise, Pearl & Swarovski Baby Bracelet
Turquoise, Pearl & Swarovski Baby Bracelet
A matching necklace is also available.

All the fittings on our children’s jewellery are hand soldered for extra security and for a longer lasting fit, meaning that wearing the bracelets on the extension chain will not weaken the bracelet or make it prone to snapping off.  Remember that we can customise any piece to your wishes or create something uniquely for you using our bespoke jewellery design service (gallery here) – we will always advise you if we think your design would be unsuitable for a small child.

The last item we’ll tempt you with is our current favourite – this AAA Columbian emerald & white pearl baby bracelet at just £85:
Pearl & Emerald Baby Bracelet
The colour on these Columbian emeralds is just mesmerising – true green with a touch of blue, just what you look for in a good emerald (cheap Columbian emeralds are available but these are usually opaque, littered with inclusions and/or a very weak looking green at a more yellow end of the spectrum)… The Columbian emeralds used in our baby bracelet are IF to VSI (inclusion free to very slightly included) and are considered of excellent quality.  If you wanted to ‘lux the design up’, we could even remake the bracelet with AAA grade Akoya (saltwater) pearls, however, the pearls used in the bracelet are AAA freshwater pearls and, as you can see from the picture, are luxuriously round, well matched & unblemished .

What else do we  have up our sleeves? Well, we plan on introducing more luxury children’s jewellery (featuring pink sapphires and rubies), as well as lots more of the more affordable pebble pearl jewellery – including white pebble pearl bracelets and necklaces with silver butterflies & flowers, so watch out.

2 thoughts on “New Children’s Jewellery”

  1. You have very beautiful jewellery for children, I especially love the turquoise and pearl bracelet. High quality kid’s jewellery is an investment for a lifetime, I’m sure these beautiful pieces become family heirlooms.

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