Promo – Mikimoto Pearls

Promotional article for Mikimoto pearls – pearls we really do believe in.


We all know pearls are hot news right now and that classic styles are back in (thanks to influences like the new Coco Chanel film) and, with that in mind, if you’re after classic styled pearl jewellery then you really can’t go wrong with Mikimoto pearls.   Established by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893, Mikimoto pearls are, perhaps, some of the most famous pearls on the planet, made even more famous by appearances on shows such as Sex In The City, but it’s well deserved hype: Mikimoto almost single-handedly invented the process of pearl cultivation and it is said that only 3-5% of all cultured pearls are deemed worthy enough to bear the Mikimoto brand name, so if you’re a fine pearl jewellery lover then chances are that Mikimoto has something for you. 

Generally the ranges are opulent and feature high carat gold and diamonds, such as the $2, 000 beautiful 18k white pearl and diamond earrings featured below, which we love as they remind us of a blossoming flower.  If that price bracket is a little on the steep side, however, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick up a plain pair of 18k gold A grade 3-3.5mm pearl earrings from just $100.   Truly classic, perennially stylish.

Mikimoto Pearl & Diamond Earrings
Mikimoto Pearl & Diamond Earrings

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