Promo – Big Chunky Silver Jewellery

Details of Corazon Latino’s fabulous silver jewellery.


Chunky silver jewellery is hot news right now, not that it ever really ever goes out of fashion, and we’ve found some gorgeous pieces on Corazon Latino that we think would complement any outfit and enhance most other pieces of silver or beaded jewellery too.  Prices range from just £25 to £250 and there are all sorts of styles from classic through to contemporary.  

We particularly adore their silver bracelets and silver bangles  – this piece, for instance, is just stunning:


Thalasso Silver Retro Bracelet – £130

With the price of precious metals continually rising, we can safely say that with this bracelet you are getting both a gorgeous design and a hefty amount of precious sterling silver.

Corazon Latino also have a wide choice of silver pendants and silver necklaces to choose from, including this striking Sylvia Fluid Silver Necklace – £120:

Hundreds of shimmering silver beads intricately threaded onto a total of 25 strands of fine cotton – a perfect piece to wear with any evening gown.

Happy Shopping X

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