Handmade Silver Rings

Details of Sugarpuss London’s upcoming handmade silver rings.


A few of our new silver rings are now available to shop online, simply click the link – we’re working on loads more behind the scenes, however, and a couple of these are shown below:

Handmade Silver Rings

Our new range will feature handmade flower rings, some of which will be adorned with beautiful handmade hammered butterflies and some of which will be plain (as above).  All parts are handmade (rather than cast) and most will be one off designs or handmade to order items.  Our new collection will also feature new gemstone cluster rings  and new pearl cluster rings as well as bezel set gemstone rings too – we’re just getting enough together so we can hallmark on batch and reduce the cost price for you.  

Expected store arrival: June/July 2010.

Of course, if you can’t wait you can always contact us at bespoke@sugarpusslondon.com and enquire about a bespoke gemstone ring, simply review our bespoke terms first.

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