Gold Gemstone Earrings

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new designer gold earrings.


Our new items have now hit the store – beautiful hand crafted silver rings and large hand wrapped gemstone earrings.  For luxury wedding earrings, we would have to recommend our 18k Chalcedony Earrings handmade from 18.65 carats of the finest natural white chalcedony available:

18k Chalcedony Earrings, £345

Look out for more earrings over the next couple of weeks, including a range of gold vermeil earrings – a new offering for us.  We’ve made three pairs so far and we’re really happy with them, we have gold vermeil and tiger eye earrings, gold vemeil and pearl earrings and a pair made with rare lavenderite and which would go nicely with our Gold Vermeil, Pearl & Lavenderite Necklace – prices start from around £38.

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