Tourmaline Jewellery

Feature about our 14k Gold Tourmaline Bracelet


Tourmaline is a wonderful gemstone that comes in a vast array of colours and cuts – the stones is typically included with the cleaner material being reserved for rings.  At the moment, we have a wonderful 14k Tourmaline Briolette Bracelet available in an extremely high quality tourmaline (IF – EC grade).  The colours range from pinks to greens and warm golden browns:

Solid Gold & Tourmaline Bracelet

Tourmaline is also one of the two birthstones for Libra/October, so would make a perfect purchase for any woman born in that month and to that sign.

We’ll be adding to our tourmaline jewellery collection soon – offerings will include watermelon tourmaline earrings and opal and pink tourmaline earrings, so keep checking back, as we add new items nearly every week (see our latest jewellery here)

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