More Opal Jewellery On The Way

Details of Sugarpuss London’s latest opal jewellery and turquoise jewellery additions.


We’ve had all our gems out recently (all those little secret boxes, tubes and tubs and zip lock bags we had things put safely away in) and we’ve created a whole host of new items – a lot of these have already been uploaded (check out our new jewellery items here) – but there are plenty more on the way, including these stunning Chunky Lambina Opal Earrings:

Other new additions to be added this week include a gold vermeil, boulder opal and Carico Lake turquoise bracelet, a rare Candelaria turquoise and blue Peruvian opal bracelet and another rare Candelaria turquoise, white coin pearl and fossilised mammoth ivory bracelet.  We have white topaz and lapis lazuli earrings planned and… well, you’ll have to keep checking back for the rest! 

We also promised a while back, when we added our small selection of gold vermeil earrings, that we would extend our gold vermeil offerings, and we’re going to hold to that promise – the new year will see a separate section for gold vermeil jewellery, with more necklaces, earrings, and bracelets available.  We recognise that the price of gold has gone through the roof and want to be able to bridge the gap for people whilst still using precious metals.


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