Unique Children’s Bracelets

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new unique range of children’s bracelets, just in time for Christmas.


We’ve finally got some new children’s jewellery up,  just in time for Christmas.  We’ve added 7 new one off and limited edition children’s bracelet designs – 4 of which were inspired by a bespoke enquiry regarding children’s opal bracelets (the ones we did have were all sold in September/October).  Other birthstone jewellery options include amethyst, garnet, turquoise and labradorite (the modern birthstone for Pisces/March).

One of our favourite new designs is this beautiful Child’s First Opal & Labradorite Bracelet (1-5 years):

The bracelet features a 6mm blue flash labradorite with 3mm ‘White Opal’ Swarovski crystals accents and rare Finnish spectrolite at the clasp ends and a Mintabie opal and crystal charm.  A one off design sure to make any little princess very happy.


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