Children’s Bracelets

Details of Sugarpuss London’s latest children’s bracelets


Last week we listed some great new additions to our children’s jewellery collection, including this lovely Peridot Swarovski Crystal & Butterfly Children’s Bracelet:

Baby’s First ‘Peridot Butterfly Bracelet’, £36.50

This week will see the addition of many more designs, including an elegant new range of baby bracelets handmade with AAA white rice pearls (adorned with Swarovski crystals and/or other embellishments) – watch out particularly for the limited edition white rice pearl, Swarovski crystal & amethyst children’s bracelet (for those aged 1-5).

Other designs on the way include a smoky quartz, chalcedony & ruby zoisite black silver pendant and a Peruvian & Mintabie opal pendant.

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