Wello Opal Jewellery

Details of Sugarpuss London’s latest Ethiopian opal jewellery featuring genuine solid Wello or Welo/Wollo opals in white, crystal and fire.


Yes, we’re back listing lots of lovely new items, including more of our yummy new Ethiopian opal jewellery, featuring predominantly Wello or Welo province opals in shades of clear crystal through to white and dark orange.

Our top pick is this beautiful Ethiopian Fire Opal & Pearl Necklace:

Wello Fire Opal & AAA Pearl Necklace, £255

These Ethiopian fire opals have the beauty of a good Mexican fire opal in terms of body tone but also display bright flickers of precious colour play uncommon to a Mexican opal.  If you love opals as much as we do then you should treat yourself to at least one piece of Ethiopian opal jewellery or at the very least a specimen to display on your mantle… beware of sellers trying to flog ‘chocolate Ethiopian opal’ or ‘nodule opal’, however, as these have proven to be highly unstable.

New items on the way include fairy opal (or treated Andamooka matrix opal) jewellery and rutilated quartz and peridot items.  We have around 30 new items still waiting to be listed, so check back regularly!


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