Opal & Gemstone Lariat Necklaces

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new opal, pearl and gemstone lariat necklaces.


A lariat necklace is an open-ended necklace without a clasp – to fasten you usually tie the chain or cord into a knot or thread one end through the other.   Due to this open style of necklace, the wearer usually has the freedom to change length and wrapping style, depending on outfit, mood, or occasion.

Sugarpuss London’s new gemstone and opal lariat necklaces will all be one off designs and will start appearing in store this week.  A preview of our Welo opal and pearl lariat necklace, with hand-soldered ends, is pictured below:


The opal used in this necklace is an Ethiopian Welo opal, and, as Welo opal displays a reverse value pattern to Australian opal, with blue fire being the rarest, it can be considered quite rare.   It does actually also display some red and green fire but we weren’t able to capture this in the photographs.

Another lariat style coming soon, to celebrate the August birthstone peridot, is pictured below:


We think this picture is quite helpful, as it shows just one example of how a wearer might knot or wrap their necklace.

Don’t forget, we can create bespoke lariat necklaces to suit, simply email bespoke@sugarpusslondon.com for more details and/or a quote.

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