Website Feedback Offer

We’re offering a generous 20% off any item of our handmade jewellery for customers willing to send us feedback about our jewellery and/or website.


We’re offering a generous 20% off any item from our online jewellery collection for customers willing to send us website feedback or jewellery related feedback.  We thought about adding customer reviews to the site but, as most of our jewellery, apart from some of our handmade children’s jewellery, consists of one-of-a-kind designs, we didn’t really see this working (reviews appear after people have bought a product, but if there was only one in stock, then customers wouldn’t be able to leave reviews).  We have published some online testimonials, but don’t have a dedicated testimonial page – perhaps that’s something you would like us to feature?  Or perhaps you could give us your valuable opinions on our item descriptions and/or photographs – should they be larger or would you like to see items on models etc.   Whatever your feedback, we’d love to hear from you – simply send us an email to quoting ‘Website Feedback Offer’ in the subject line.  We’ll reply to your email with a thank you code entitling you to 20% off any piece from our designer jewellery collections (so long as you haven’t spammed the inside of the message with offers for Viagra and the like!)

We’d particularly like feedback on the following areas:  the photographs of our opal jewellery, the photographs of our children’s jewellery, the general layout of the site, whether our item descriptions are informative enough for you, features you think are missing, things you really like about the site and, if you’ve bought from us before, how you found the checkout process..  Indeed, there are new ways of paying available today, such as ‘Checkout With Amazon’, and we’re keen to know whether our customers would like this as an option on our site, as well as other methods such as ‘Google Checkout’.

All customer comments will help us to improve and maintain are continually developing online jewellery website, so that we can offer visitors to our site the best experience possible.

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