The Best October Opals

Details of our spectacular opal jewellery range, including opal jewellery baby bracelets and new items to be listed soon!


Sugarpuss London carry one of the UK’s largest collections of handmade solid opal jewellery.  We love opals and, more than any other gemstone, tend to hoard them up.  Indeed, we have opal beads for every budget in stock, including strands that would be graded as museum quality.  We also carry a number of solid opal cabochons as well.

This October we are adding to our opal jewellery collection, providing solid opal pendants from around £50+.  We have pink opals, blue opals and precious Australian opals.  Below are a few items to watch out for (some are coming soon and some have just been listed):



Andamooka Opal & Ruby Necklace


Baby’s First Pearl, Emerald & Opal Bracelet


Pink Opal & Pearl Pendant

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