Love & Trust

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, however, our blog post title says it all.  Sugarpuss London has been online now for almost 9 years.  A lot has changed in that time, especially the way search engines handle keywords and site rankings.  At one stage, we were ranking in the top two results for ‘Opal Jewellery‘ and were first page for most of our other focal keywords, such as ‘Topaz Jewellery‘.  Not so anymore.  Indeed, bigger corporations, as always, will win out on search engine metrics and there’s no way we could compete with giants, such as Amazon, Ernest Jones etc.

We’ve been reflecting on this, however, and have decided that it’s all a matter of building love and trust.  We’re pleased to have a solid customer base for repeat orders.  In fact, one of our best repeat customers is actually a person who had no need to trust us when he first contacted us about purchasing something for his wife, as he actually phoned up (several years ago now), when I was busy lost in the woods with my then 5 year old daughter.  I confessed to being low on phone power, utterly lost and promised that if he were to email, I would get back to him straight away, provided I ever found my way out of the woods.

Rather than deciding that I was hopelessly unprofessional, he did actually email and, happily, Sugarpuss London have, year after year, created and supplied a lot of jewellery for his wife since.  A small anecdote but one that still makes me smile; perhaps, because I still vividly remember the rising panic, having trudged around for two hours unable to find the path back, with a child who was growing ever more weary but still squeezing my hand tightly (with her slightly sweaty one), telling me that it would ‘be okay’ and it was ‘just an adventure’!

So, looking forward, how are we going to foster more love and trust?  Well, we’ll be working with established fashion bloggers closely, sending items out for them to review – both so our customers can know what to expect and so we can get more product feedback in return.  Because so many of our designs are one of a kind, it is hard for us to build a product review section into the site.  This is why we’ve also uploaded a lot more products to Etsy also.  Indeed, although we’ve been on Etsy since 2010, we’ve really only had a maximum of around 10-15 products on there to purchase at any one time.  We were mainly using the site as a way for people to find our main site (a kind of mini product showcase, as it were).  We’ve added around 50 more products now, so people can shop from Etsy, if they like, and have the ‘safety feature’ of being able to leave a review.  We’re also planning on reducing our shipping fees and to kickstart this, we are currently offering free shipping on all UK and European orders – simply enter the voucher code ‘FREEPOST’ at checkout*.

Finally, if you are the owner of an established fashion or lifestyle blog and you would like to contact us about the possibility of doing a product review, guest blog or future collaboration, please get in touch by emailing  We would love to hear from you.

*Offer applies to and not the Etsy store.


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