New Treasures Listing

We will be listing lots of new gemstone and opal jewellery over the next few days.  From luxurious, smooth polished serpentine earrings in one of the season’s hottest new colours:

Serpentine Earrings

Through to romantic and whimsical sterling silver necklaces that would be perfect for bridal jewellery:

White Topaz Flower Necklace

We also have some new children’s gemstone earrings heading into store, including pink opal and rare Crow Springs turquoise!  Because little princesses deserve precious items too.

We’ve had some great feedback regarding the new website and would still love to hear your views – email us at with your thoughts!


Luxury 18k Gold Gemstone & Opal Jewellery

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new 18k gold luxury gemstone and opal collection!

Over the last week or so we have been creating some fabulous new luxury 18k gold jewellery using some of our finest and long-hoarded gems.  Think rich topaz,  rare opals and sparkling ametrine and rubies.

The items are being sent for hallmarking but have started listing on site.  All of these items are strictly limited edition or one of a kind pieces.

Below is one of our favourite new pieces – a two strand opal, ametrine and ruby bracelet in solid 18k gold – all hand wrapped and linked in the studio:

Ametrine & Opal Bracelet


This piece features three different kinds of opal: rare black Australian Mintabie opal, dark-based Australian Lambina opal and Ethiopian Welo opal.  The rubies are from the Longido mine in Tanzania and, unlike most rubies on the market, are 100% natural and untreated.  As for the ametrine – this is as good as it gets: top gem grade, natural and untreated, Bolivian ametrine!  Stunning – just like with a recipe, good ingredients make all the difference.   A true heirloom and one of a kind design!

Another favourite is this stunning 18k gold amethyst and black opal pendant, featuring a black, stripy, Australian Mintabie opal (from the same suite of opals above) and a AAA grade, deep purple, amethyst briolette in ‘heart’ cut.  Deep and sophisticated colours in a quality to make any gemoholic weak at the knees!

18k Gold Black Opal & Amethyst Pendant


Remember, we can reserve items and we do accept layaway plans.

Happy shopping!


Pretty, Pretty Wrists

Exciting new one of a kind and limited edition gemstone and pearl bracelets – some new baby bracelets perfect for unique christening gifts also.

Our latest pearl bracelets are starting to list online today, from a pretty Tibetan Turquoise & Pearl Bracelet in white pearls to a rare Baby Black Coin Pearl & Spectrolite Gothic Bracelet, we’ve some real treats in store.  We’ve also been busy on the children’s jewellery front and have six new one of a kind or strictly limited edition baby bracelets on the way. including the one shown below with a lovely freshwater shaped butterfly pearl and light pink Swarovski crystals.  These butterfly shaped pearls are quite special: each one is unique as they are real pearls cultivated into a butterfly shape having been grown around a nucleus – they are super lustrous and we hand select each one for shape and surface.  Approximately 200 babies have now received bracelets from Sugarpuss London & we’re very proud of this!

Turquoise & Pearl Bracelet


Tibetan Turquoise & Pearl Bracelet, £75

Golden Pearl Bracelet


Pink Sapphire, Opal & Golden Pearl Bracelet, £90

Unique Pearl Baby Bracelet


Pink Butterfly Pearl Baby Bracelet, £38.50

New Stretch Gemstone Bracelets

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new range of gemstone bracelets on stretch elastic, for easy to wear statement impact.

We’ve started to introduce our new range of stretchy (and chunky) gemstone bracelets.  We are trialling this new offering with the gemstone bracelets featured below:

Lepidolite Bracelet


Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet


Both bracelets are priced at only £38.50 and are guaranteed to be made from genuine gemstones (not reconstituted).  These bracelets are great for statement, easy to wear, impact and are strung on a high quality elastic with lots of stretch.

Our new EcoSilver range has been slightly delayed, however, if you would like a ring made of EcoSilver and have been waiting, do contact us for details.

New Gemstone Pendants On The Way

Details of Sugarpuss London’s new gemstone pendants, including a sneak peek of the latest design with natural lavender chalcedony and pink opal

It’s a Saturday but we’ve been working hard photographing our latest stash of goodies.   They’re not online yet, but here’s a little sneak preview of a gem pendant featuring one of our favourite stones, chalcedony, in quite a rare natural colour for this stone (normal natural colours are ‘Turkish blue’ and white) – this colour is lavender, but it is definitely not that horrible dyed lavender that can sometimes go off colour in the sun, rather it is the absolute finest amethystine.   We’ve twinned the gem with a natural Peruvian pink opal briolette and, although biased, think the combination is truly stunning.  Good chalcedony always has a sort of fairytale quality about it anyway!

Not typical bridal colours, but we still think this piece would make good bridal wear for the right dress.

Natural Chalcedony Pendant


New designs will start uploading tonight/tomorrow, so, as always, keep checking back regularly, as most pieces are one-of-a-kind or strictly limited edition!


June for Nowzad

Details of Sugarpuss London’s June Sale in support of Nowzad.

Today saw the launch of our June Sale in support of Nowzad – a charity that helps to protect stray and injured animals (predominantly dogs, cats and donkeys) in Afghanistan.  Nowzad recently lost their shelter and have until July to build and fund a new animal shelter in Kabul… If the charity cannot raise the necessary funds then their good work will have to come to an end – please help us to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Click to read more about Nowzad.

Our June Sale will run until 25/06 and we are offering to gift 15% of the profits from each item sold directly to Nowzad, with the funds being transferred by 09/07.   After 25/06 all sale items will return to their original price.  You can, of course, help Nowzad in other ways – such as tweeting about their cause, following them on Twitter or Facebook, and by donating directly.

Jade Jewellery

All about jade and jade jewellery

Pantone LLC,  the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, picked out ‘Pantone Margarita’ (a refreshing yellow-green) in its trends report for 2012 last winter, along with ‘Pantone Cockatoo’ (a turquoise blue-green), hence our flurry of recent turquoise jewellery editions and our new found love of jade jewellery.   Indeed, Sugarpuss has been open now for about 4 years but this is the first year we’ve incorporated jade into our collections – and both types of jade, in fact: nephrite jade and jadeite jade (or ‘a-jade’, as its sometimes known).

If you’re unfamiliar with gemstones, you’d be forgiven for thinking that jade is jade – a green stone that people often use for carving.  And that’s correct to a point but jade actually comes in a vast array of different shades and colours and is split into the two types above, as they have slightly different chemical compositions.  Indeed, the most valuable type of jade is most often ‘a-jade’ or jadeite, as it is less plentiful than nephrite jade and slightly higher up the Mohs scale (hardness scale).  Good quality nephrite jade, however, can also be costly, so long as the fibres are tough and interlocking and, this, suitable for carving and setting.

For those who like ‘the science bit’ (and being Big Bang Theory geeky, we do):



Chemical composition Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si6O22(OH) NaAISi2O6
Mineral composition Amphibole Group Pyroxene Group
Crystalline structure fibrous micro-granular
Hardness 6-6.5 6.5-7
Specific gravity 2.9-3.1 around 3.33
Refractive index 1.62 1.65-1.66
Polished surface Smooth with a waxy sheen Hard, with lustre
Common colours Evenly distributed; translucent
white, dark green, black
Spotty or clustered distribution; white, grey, green

Both types of jade are graded according to ‘The Three T’s’:

Tone – describes the specific colour grade. The finest colours are bright and true from a distance, being free of brown and grey tones.

Texture – this runs from fine to coarse, with specimens that are clear and free of irregularities being the most valuable.

Translucency – this runs from transparent to opaque and, as with most gemstones, the more transparent a piece of jade (so that it is clear and resembles fine honey) the more valuable.

Because we love contemporary jewellery, however, and because another huge jewellery trend this year is natural forms (think hammered/textured shard beads, Herkimer diamonds and geode slices), we’ve not just stuck to introducing the precious emerald green variety of jade so often sort after, but varied our choices.  Take this designer jadeite necklace, for instance,  with it’s lovely natural shading between white and green (which gives a great almost ‘dip-dyed’ look):

The necklace is a one off design and probably the darling of our current jade offerings.  We haven’t seen any other jade briolettes like this one but if we ever find a pair suitable for earrings, we’ll be snapping them up!