New Silver Rings

Details of new rings, jewellery sale items and the forthcoming website upgrade!




More hand candy on the way – from plain polished bands through to creatively textured/finished bands, each silver ring will be available as a handmade to order product, whatever your ring size.  We love the ‘urban silk’finish on three of the rings pictured above & love the way the matt finish really lends an antique look to a piece (hard to tell from the above photo but the matt finish has been given to the ring on the left).  Handmade rings make the perfect gift, to yourself or to a loved one, and we are always on hand to ensure the finished item meets your expectations.

We’re also pleased to announce that within the next couple of months we’ll be unveiling our new fully responsive e-commerce website!  It’s still very much in the design phase but we have seen the initial concept and can’t wait for it to go live.  The current website will remain active in the interim!

We also have a fabulous Summer Sale on at the moment, so don’t forget to check out the sale bargains, all at an amazing 40% off!


Details of Sugarpuss London’s new ring collections – coming soon.

This one is still a work in progress – but is entirely made from sterling silver D-shaped wire and sterling silver sheet.  The stone is lapis lazuli, which has been given a slight matt finish to contrast with the highly polished silver.   We’re mainly experimenting with different techniques at the moment, not to mention constantly rearranging the workshop for the most ideal layout (so I can stop smacking my head on the bench peg every time I bend down to get a mandrel or doming punch etc).

This one shows the stone before we took the high polish off with a bit of tripoli (pulses racing whilst we did it) – we still have a larger, AAA grade, oval lapis with a high polish, which we intend on putting into silver at some point.  Slightly overwhelmed with the sheer number of cabochons and cut stones we actually have in stock.. they accumulate and then you do a stock check and realise that perhaps you can’t really justify 50 black onyx cabs, 12 chrysoprase, 4 Andamooka matrix, 6 white sapphires and so on!

Handmade Silver Rings

Details of Sugarpuss London’s upcoming handmade silver rings.

A few of our new silver rings are now available to shop online, simply click the link – we’re working on loads more behind the scenes, however, and a couple of these are shown below:

Handmade Silver Rings

Our new range will feature handmade flower rings, some of which will be adorned with beautiful handmade hammered butterflies and some of which will be plain (as above).  All parts are handmade (rather than cast) and most will be one off designs or handmade to order items.  Our new collection will also feature new gemstone cluster rings  and new pearl cluster rings as well as bezel set gemstone rings too – we’re just getting enough together so we can hallmark on batch and reduce the cost price for you.  

Expected store arrival: June/July 2010.

Of course, if you can’t wait you can always contact us at and enquire about a bespoke gemstone ring, simply review our bespoke terms first.

Silver Rose Ring And Sneak Peeks

Our new  Silver Rose Ring is now in store. Okay, we’re biased but we really do think this ring is beautiful and, because it’s handmade to order, you can order it to your exact ring size and you can be guaranteed that no two rings will ever be identical, because the roses set on to the handmade band all differ slightly in petal size and shape.

Silver Rose Ring
Silver Rose Ring

This ring is just the start of our new ring collection  – we plan on adding silver rose rings with pearls and also with gemstones set into the band, however, these will be available only in one or two sizes in store, rather than be ‘handmade to order’ – and they’ll be limited edition designs also.

What else is on the way?  Well, at the end of this week we’ll have two gorgeous coin pearl bracelets (one with AA+ pink coin pearls & gold vermeil heart charm and the  one pictured below with  AAA+ large multi-coloured coin pearls (in 100% natural rare colour tones) and sterling silver.

Luxury Rare Coin Pearl Bracelet
Luxury Rare Coin Pearl Bracelet

We also have three necklaces coming, including a  rare solar quartz, druzy diamond, rock crystal and white seed pearl necklace, childen’s pink coin pearl necklace and double strand adjustable druzy diamond, songea sapphire, seed pearl and phosphosiderite choker (we’re particularly fond of this last one).